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25 Apr

Spring Cleaning

When you think about spring cleaning, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably cleaning your room or house. Changing out your winter clothes for clothes that are more fitting for the warm weather. Now don’t get me wrong these things are essential in making your transition into spring and I definitely suggest. But kids, have you ever considered a mental cleansing in reference to spring cleaning. Riding yourself self of the winter blues and any negativity that was holding you back in the previous months.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we don’t even notice it. There are things that are crippling us and holding us back but we’ve gotten so use to them that we do not acknowledge the negative affect that they are having on us. So kids (& cousins too), let’s commit to a mental spring cleansing. I think the first step would be to acknowledge the things that have been holding us back and or draining our positive energy. Once we can recognize these we can take the proper actions to get rid of these things that are essentially holding us back.

In the process of riding yourself of the negativity you also have to be active in protecting your peace. There are so many things that you can do to protect your peace and different things work for different people but here are some things I like to do to keep my peace.

1. Writing a list of things that I am thankful for.

You can write this list in the morning to start your day with a grateful heart or you can write this list when you feel some negativity trying to slip its ugly head in your day. Keep this list near by or maybe even on your phone and you ever start to feel down, give that list another look.

2. Meditation

All the kids know how passionately I feel about meditation. It’s great for the body, mind, and soul. You can practice on your own, watch YouTube videos, or even take classes. It’s a great practice that’ll help you maintain your peace.

3. Yoga

Just like my love for meditation, I love yoga. Connecting your body to your heart causes a synergy that is perfect for protecting your peace. I have previous post about yoga and you can also read about in my book I Don’t Belong to You.

21 Mar

Off to Berlin

Today I leave for my 5 month adventure to Berlin to start my new job as a spy on  the TV series Berlin Station. It’s kind of surreal to think that I’m leaving my friends and family for this extended amount of time but it’s the nature of the job. I’ve compared it to being a student who’s about to embark on a study abroad semester. I don’t know what to expect or what will come from my time in Berlin but I do know there’s an importance in being mentally prepared before leaving for a long trip without your family and your best friends.

SERIOUSLY, for the kids that have studied abroad, did you have to get mentally prepared for what was ahead of you? Think about it, you’re already heading there with 5 months of your belongings, so you definitely don’t want to bring along MENTAL baggage as well. Whether you’re traveling for work, like myself, or to study, it takes a certain mental strength to get through anything new.

There’s different ways to clear yourself of mental baggage before a new journey. One way, one simple way, is communicating. I am grateful that I have friends that I can openly express the personal things I worry about in regards to my trips, discussing it ahead of time allows me to be more prepared for what’s ahead of me. But there are all kinds of things you may want to communicate with your friends and/or family before you leave. Whether it’s clearing the air on a previous argument, expressing forgiveness for a friend, discussing your feelings with a friend or even a lover. Clearing the air will be a healthy experience, especially before leaving for an extended amount of time. Those lingering thoughts will get in the way of you fully embracing your journey and taking care of your task at hand. I say this to say, release yourself of unnecessary baggage before you head on a journey. I am really excited about the possibilities that Berlin will bring and although I will miss my family and friends, I am leaving carefree and fully open to the experience that is ahead of me.

28 Feb

Tranquil Tuesday: Mental Health

Something that I truly stand beside is that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You have to take time to address your mental health and take it seriously. Do you check in with yourself? When you’re feeling anxious do you note the triggers associated around those moments? All these things are important in the process of maintaining your overall health.

I know addressing your mental health can be uncomfortable and self reflection can even get a little awkward but what if you could do these things comfortably from say – Twitter in a chill chat with chill people just like yourself. Sounds too good to be true right? But that’s exactly what the JOYday movement provides on twitter every Tuesday.

JOYday movement twitter chats are designed to spark conversations surrounding mental health.

Joyday founder Morgan Brittani Daniels explains it like this, On Tuesday nights the JOYday movement hosts twitter chats at 8:30 pm EST. These chats are intended to bring mental health awareness as well as help people decompress from their day. We prompt questions that allow people to think about their mental health and mental illness in ways that we may not be used to. Giving a safe space for people to share their stories and heal. We started on twitter so we could reach the masses and start the conversation in hopes to change the narrative. The JOYday movement is bringing mental health awareness as we help people find the joy in their each and every day.

I love movements such as this one because it provides us the opportunity to dive into our mental health and feel much more comfortable about. Take the first step and join the JOYday movement chat tonight!


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