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19 Feb

Welcome KIDZZZZ!

Today is the launch of my new site, how y’all feeling the vibesz? — I’m so excited about the present. There are so many new things happening in music that it almost feels like a dream. All my life I have loved music, acting, dancing and just entertaining .. But for so long did I feel like I had no voice within my music career. It took a while to understand that the only way I could get my voice back is by exercising it! Now my ass can’t shut up πŸ˜‰ — “Enemiez” video will be released at the top of next month , and so much more in store that allows you guys get to know ME and what I’m all about. I have a lot of new stuff going on with the site, including this blog section :), as well as makeup tutorials, a “get the look” section where you can see how to recreate your fave out fits of mine, as well as an astrology section!!! Yasssss!!!! Errrrbody know I love astrology!! Hahaha .. This the place you can stay updated with all my socials, from IG to Snapchat, etc. I will post all updates on my book, such as the title, cover and release date !! Kidz Kidz Kidz, this is our time!! I am so excited for our collective growth. I started to get a little scared towards the end of this week and I think it’s because I’m looking around and seeing the manifestation of my dreams. I know me and I know to some of you I may seem different than you but I am not. We are the same. I know that staying consistent and genuine in your passion is what turns dreams into reality, I am an example of that and that’s what I wish to show you through all that I do. I am not a perfect person but the message is clear, love is what is real, SO LET’S MAKE IT!!!! TTYL.

God Bless,
Lauren, Xo