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26 Feb

What’s Happenin’ Kidz?

Man .. The twin’s birthday is coming up soon, I’m about to leave town, my single is about to drop and I’m trying to figure out how to be a million places at once! Ha .. That is the most annoying part about being “on the go”, trying not to wear yourself TOO thin! There’s so much I wish to do, but I have to prioritize my time because my family means a lot to me too! Not to mention my family is a constant support system, I experience much joy with them. So, tomorrow I’m taking them out all day! It felt good to tell everyone that. Hahahaha! To say btw “no”, “THIS is important to me”, I have been missing their birthdays and important holidays for as long as they can remember. Not to say that’s always the worst thing in the world, but those things (birthdays and holidays), create a space where you CAN take that time to recharge with loved ones. I think often I would be so entranced in my passion that I would forget how necessary it is to experience life outside of the constant “doing” and just be and enjoy. (which sometimes is much much harder). My vocal coach for Cinderella taught me that .. He said …

“I’m constantly doing doing doing and if I only keep doing doing doing doing, without any balance of BEING .. Then my body would FORCE me to sit down”

…which I would never want — life is about balance, too much of anything is not good for you (EXCEPT LOVE, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH LOVEEEE HAHA!)

This week I was vibing with some Kidz, talking about Rihanna’s new album and analyzing it. We are all such “analyzers” #Virgos ha. What I was saying was how dope it was that she epitomized the underground music of our era and served it to the masses on a gold platter #Did! I think thats why so many didn’t get it at first, but then as time grew and people started to understand the art behind it. Or, at least I did .. Anyhow as I’m saying this, my homie goes “yea! You know ‘party next door’ wrote that?!” And I’m like “no! You’re kidding! No way!” He was like “yes, I have the reference”  lmao.

Now, for those that don’t know PND is a culture artist, widely known amongst the millennials but not yet reaching the masses (as someone like a Rihanna). Having said that, he is very beloved and extremely talented. He is signed to OVO and soon to have out an album out soon ..

Anyway back to my stoooraaaayyy hahaha. So he plays it and of course I’m like yo I gotta vibe to this on snap for the Kidz. I think they’ll dig this! Mainly because, I think it’s dope to see how far people have come. To know PND went from being just a dude on soundcloud, to a full blown signed recording artist/writer, to writing for some of our favorite artists at that! I just think his trajectory has been extremely awesome and I wanted the Kidz to see it #empowering. Not only that but people like PND, Vic Mensa, James Fauntleroy, Stacy Barthe, (As well as The Weeknd who started in this internet space and took it elsewhere #propstoukid #evolution) just to name a FEW .. These people are major influencers in music culture but not all are into the path of being “mainstreamers”. However, they are still influencing the culture in a major way, these people are constantly putting out music for FREE to feed our desire for expression of sound. It’s honestly something to be applauded!

You can catch below my new concept video TO “Work” 😉 Catch ya laterz ..

P.S: I’ll keep y’all posted on snapchat about my audition that I had as well. If I don’t get it, it was never mine to have 🙂 love you.

Lauren, Xo