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28 Mar

Getting back to my routine in LA

Getting back to my routine in LA has been nice. I’ve had to do some rearranging within my team which left me to handle a lot of extra stuff. However, I survived — when I turned 18, I promised myself I was going to do a lot more things that allowed me to become more self reliant. Now at 22, with most of my immediate family out of town for the holidays, I was really proud at how I didn’t choke. Hahaha.. I guess I am just ready for all these things now, all these things I prepared so hard for I am now meeting. All the seeds I planted are now growing and I can only hope and imagine it’ll be the same with all the new seeds I’m planting and growing. With all these personal “wins” I am reminded of how valuable the moment is. Each and every moment has little magical pieces of information, the key, of every door I wish to unlock. So, I’m becoming more and more present and aware so that I can be of best service when I am tested. I want to enjoy this game called life, but I know I can not enjoy it truly without discipline and self dedication. Letsgoooooooo!!

Lauren, Xo