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17 May

Fire & Desire

If you follow me on Instagram you already know why I felt inspired to make a creative piece to Fire and Desire. Since Views has come out I haven’t stopped listening to it and I mean how could I when each song feels like Drake took a sneak peak into my life & I think a lot of us feel that way when we’re listening to most of the music that Drake puts out.

Real talk, #views album is jammin’. I love R&B and it’s clear the person that curated the album loves R&B too. The vibes that this album creates takes me back to what made me fall in love with music. So much nostalgia, shout outs to miss @4everbrandy and Mary J with those throwback vocals . “Fire and Desire” is probably my favorite song off of the album, second to “Controlla” ha. The reason why is because it does what most of Drake’s music does, allow you a release of emotions. I think most of us can agree Drake is known to put us in our feelings but I love that about his music, the openness allow us to relate more and makes our listening experience feel personal.

Listening to his albums you let go of a lot of shit you didn’t know you felt haha. I love it! Inspiration. That inspiration inspired me to express this, much love from one creative to another