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21 Jun

Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age Press Junket


This shoot was so much fun to me because we literally turned a press junket into a photoshoot opportunity. A press junket is where you sit in a room and journalist come in and out interviewing you about the said project. In this case it was for Ice Age and I couldn't let those looks just live in the room haha. I enjoyed teaming up with this stylist Krisana Sotelo in New York and I knew I had to create a moment for the kidssss #asalways. It's always very laxed because I got to be with my best buds that also work beside me in thinking of cool and exciting ways to keep you all apart of what I'm doing! It's so good to be able to create with people your age that are reaching for the same goals as u. Shout out to Lawrence and Brittney!! #GetWithTheWinningTeam

Ice Age Press Junket

Ice Age: Collision Course is in theaters July 22nd!!