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16 Aug

Tranquil Tuesday: Easing Into Yoga

I love when I can bring you all along with me to my yoga sessions via Snapchat but KIDS I don’t just want you to watch, I want you to get up and try it too. I know trying something new can be intimidating and you might not be ready to necessarily throw yourself into a class. BUT HERE’S THE GAG, my friends and I have discovered free yoga classes On Demand that help you with the basics so you can get comfortable before taking the next step into a yoga class. Give some of these programs a try in the comfort of your own home, invite some friends over and make it a yoga party! Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying something new!

Complete Yoga for Beginners – Basic

Sun Salutation A

Yoga for All

Under Sports and Fitness on Xfinity or on the Xfinity app.

Speaking of apps, there’s also great apps that help you get into the swing of yoga without the pressure!