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11 Sep

Yoga: Morning Stretches

You know that stretch you hit early in the morning when you first wake up? You know the one, your arms and legs stretched to capacity, you can feel every lim in your body coming to life, and it’s usually accompanied by a nice morning breath yawn. That great feeling you feel after that stretch isn’t by coincidence. Stretching is an important practice that we sometimes don’t give much attention to. Just because the results of stretching are not as visible as maybe cardio or lifting weights, it still has it’s benefits, one being better blood flow, and its ability to help decrease your risk of injuries. So kids, when you get up and get that good morning stretch out don’t stop there. Try dedicating 5-10 additional minutes in the morning to giving your body a good stretch.

Now y’all don’t have to put crazy pressure on yourselves. Every habit takes PRACTICE. Ease into anything new. Just start with these 8 morning stretches that you can do from your bed. Namaste & morning kids!