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11 Oct

Tranquil Tuesday: Off Days

We all have our days and some days are just better than others. As young adults we’re constantly battling with things such as our careers, school, friends, relationships, and family-it’s no wonder we get down on ourselves at times. I’m so happy I’m able to have a job I love and that I have amazing people in my life, you all included, but that doesn’t mean I never have bad days but I always remember this only temporary. Here are 5 things to try whenever you’re having an off day. 

1. Set aside some “Me Time”

Seriously, sometimes you just need to be somewhere by yourself. Whether it’s the spa, or in your bed cuddled up to a good book, or just in the shower letting the hot water wash away your stress- anything as long as you’re taking some positive time to yourself. 

2. Reflect on What You’re Grateful for

When things are going wrong it’s so easy to want to sit and ponder on the situation but instead of focusing on the negative look around and reflect on all of the positive things that are taking place in your life and all the things you are grateful for. This is a great exercise to do in the morning as you go through your morning routine, being aware and mindful of all you have and all you have to be thankful for. 

3. Write it Out

When I was younger, I think having a journal was one of my saving graces and as I’m in the process of completing my book, I am able to sit back and reflect on how far I’ve come and that’s all because I kept a journal. Things weigh us down because we keep them in our mind and they take over our day. Instead of letting those things consume your mind, write them down, and let them go. For me, I write it out and give the rest to God. 

4. Indulge in a Hobby (or a passion project)

Productivity is a great way to get out of a slump. Want to be an actor? Start taking acting classes. Use to be in band when you were younger? Pick back up an instrument. What ever your hobby or passion is work on it a little bit every single day. Seeing the progress in something you’re working on will always help brighten your mood. 

5. Stay Positive

It’s not always easy but just know storms don’t last always. Have your time, cry, scream, let it all and just know, this isn’t your first bad day and it won’t be your last but there are so many more good days to come.