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22 Oct

Style Tip: Fall Must Haves

This week style tip is simple to begin to transition your closet because it’s fall kids! I put together a couple of pieces that you have to include in your wardrobe as you transition into the cooler weather. The major key when discussing fall weather is outerwear. 3 pieces you need are a hoodie, a bomber jacket, and a jean jacket. Although I went neutral with the hoodie, I added some color with the red bomber and the jean jacket with the burgundy faux fur around the collar. KIDS do not let the fall steer you away from having fun colors in your wardrobe. Two other important items are a oversized sweater and anything velvet. Oversized sweaters are just a given part of fall, looks great with boots, with a leather jacket, and you can also dress it up or down. I would get a couple of these sweaters in different colors. And lastly, velvet is fall trend that is sexy and fun. There are velvet dresses, skirts, leggings, and tops like the one I featured. The options are endless for fall but start with these key pieces and you’ll be sure to kill this season!