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14 Feb

Valentine’s Day <3

Valentine’s Day holds a different meaning for everyone. While some people are eager to show extra love on this day, some people hate the idea of this commercialized holiday. Whether you’re here or not for this day, the message of today should just be love. Love manifests itself in many different forms. There’s the love you can have with your significant other, the love for your friends, the love for your family and of course the love you have for yourself. So maybe you’re not celebrating this day romantically but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love or just love on yourself with some self love and self care. At the end of the day I think it’s important to remember that #LoveISTheGag and we can all spread love with small acts of kindness. Treat a coworker to lunch today, give some extra change to a person in need, maybe buy a dozen of roses and pass them out to random people you pass today or maybe to 12 important people in your life. People love to feel loved every day but why not take that extra step today. 

For all my single people, let’s take some time to ourselves. Take yourself to the spa or make yourself an in-home spa with a nice bubble bath and some candles, order takeout and just enjoy an evening of knowing you love your damn self and you ARE loved..because I know I love you! 
So whatever Valentines Day may bring you – I hope you’re able to love and be loved. Happy Valentine’s Day KIDS! 

LA fleur: A beautiful box of roses? Yes please.

A sexy piece of lingerie: whether you’re getting sexy for your significant other or for yourself, lingerie is always fun. Forever 21 has great inexpensive pieces and don’t forget our girl Skylar who recently relaunched her lingerie line As Your Are Intimates.

Red Lipstick: If you typical steer clear of the red lipstick, this is the night to pull it out. Wear yourself of gift your girlfriends with a red lippie and some heart shaped candy.

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards: Why does Vday have to be so serious? Tone down the seriousness by gifting your loved one with a humorous valentines day card, something that says I love you with a laugh.