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24 Feb

Girls Night Out

Style Tip: Girls Night Out 
When you think girls night out, what comes to mind? Some girls make think, “Out with the girls, let’s go comfy” – but for me I think “UH OH, time to stunt with my girls!” I say if you’re hitting the street with your girls, pull out the tricks, go all out, show out for the kids! Now of course what you wear will depend heavily on where you and your girls are headed for night. If you have to be comfortable for the occasion don’t think that “going all out” means you have to be wearing heels because you all know I love to give a good gag with sneakers on my feet. The key for a girls night out is to let your personality shine. You and your girls all have something unique about yourselves, let that shine through your outfits. Stunt as a group and be fly as an individual.
Lipgloss: Chanel Lip Gloss
Mints: Girl Night or not, you know someone is still going to try to holla, so for your sake and theirs, keep some mints or gum in your purse. Plus you know your girls are going to be asking “Does anyone have gum?” all night. haha!
Lotion: Poppies and Poises
Compact Mirror: Between food and drink, your lipstick may be smudged, or something may be in your teeth. Make sure you’re keeping it cute by being able to check yourself with a compact mirror.
Mascarra: Estee Lauder
Selfie Light/Stick: You know when it’s a girls night out there will be a lot of snapchatting and instagramming so what says camera ready more than having a selfie stick and selfie light already on deck.
Girls Night In: Movie List 
  • Mean Girls
  • Brotherly Love
  • Love by the 10th Date
  • Brides Made
  • Pineapple Express