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11 Oct

Tranquil Tuesday: Off Days

We all have our days and some days are just better than others. As young adults we’re constantly battling with things such as our careers, school, friends, relationships, and family-it’s no wonder we get down on ourselves at times. I’m so happy I’m able to have a job I love and that I have amazing people in my life, you all included, but that doesn’t mean I never have bad days but I always remember this only temporary. Here are 5 things to try whenever you’re having an off day.   

1. Set aside some “Me Time”

Seriously, sometimes you just need to be somewhere by yourself. Whether it’s the spa, or in your bed cuddled up to a good book, or just...
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22 Sep

Blogger and the Brand: NYFW

When I started kekepalmer.com I knew I didn’t want it to just be a site full of updates about myself, I really wanted it to be for the kids. I wanted my website to feel like a blog for my fans to find everything from music, to fashion, fitness, and anything of the culture. I have a great digital team that’s always helping me stay in the know to make sure I know what’s going on in the streets and with you all. With that being said Fashion Week just concluded in New York and Brittney from my digital team was in New York for all the Fashion Week fun. She attended Blogger and the Brand, an event that connects...
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19 Aug


Ladies, every wardrobe needs the perfect red piece. Whether it’s the perfect red lip, the perfect sexy red dress, or the perfect pair of red heels- your closet is’t complete without this piece. It’s hard sometime finding the perfect red hue for you but don’t give up. Key advice when picking out something red- try before you buy. ...
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