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24 Feb

Girls Night Out

Style Tip: Girls Night Out  When you think girls night out, what comes to mind? Some girls make think, “Out with the girls, let’s go comfy” - but for me I think “UH OH, time to stunt with my girls!” I say if you’re hitting the street with your girls, pull out the tricks, go all out, show out for the kids! Now of course what you wear will depend heavily on where you and your girls are headed for night. If you have to be comfortable for the occasion don’t think that “going all out” means you have to be wearing heels because you all know I love to give a good gag with sneakers on my feet. The key...
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14 Feb

Valentine’s Day <3

Valentine’s Day holds a different meaning for everyone. While some people are eager to show extra love on this day, some people hate the idea of this commercialized holiday. Whether you’re here or not for this day, the message of today should just be love. Love manifests itself in many different forms. There’s the love you can have with your significant other, the love for your friends, the love for your family and of course the love you have for yourself. So maybe you’re not celebrating this day romantically but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love or just love on yourself with some self love and self care. At the end of the day I think it’s important...
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15 Dec

STYLE TIP: Express Yourself

This week I have been using the NY streets as my runway. Expressing myself through my wardrobe, makeup and hair. It's so fun when people can get a sense of your personality through the way you dress. You can't be afraid to wear the bright colors you love or the top that's a little bit more revealing. If you're expressing yourself. Go all out. Don't hold back. That's one thing I love about being in New York City, the kids aren't afraid to express themselves through style. Whether it's a casual lunch date or an extravagant event, everyone is always dressing to a T and being so true to themselves. I love it! ...
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2 Dec

Style Tip: Layer Up

The weather is a little tricky right now. Some days it’s freezing, the next day the sun is beaming or the worst, some days it’s nice and warm during the day but freezing at night time. With ever changing weather conditions, it’s like what the hell do you wear? There’s a simple solution to this and it’s layering up. You can try a jean shirt under your sweater, a hoodie underneath your trench coat. Layering is a fun way to stay warm but also cool down when necessary....
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13 Nov

Exfoliate & Refining Treatment Mask

I am absolutely gagging over the new L'Oréal Pure- Clay Mask. They have three different mask that serve different functions depending on your skin type. We gave the exfoliating clay mask a try and I loved the results. We kept the mask on for 15 minutes and rinsed it off in the shower. My skin instantly felt smoother and had a nice radiant glow. I love trying new mask and I'm excited to give the other two a try!...
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28 Oct

Style Tip: Sweater Weather

Sweater weather is upon us kids! Don’t let the cold weather damper your style, it may be time to pull out the sweaters but you can definitely still be stylish in a sweater by keeping it fun and funky. Instead of going for the typical brown fall sweater go for something with a bright color or a bold print. I found three sweaters that will keep you warm and hella stylish in this cold weather. The key to conquering fall is don’t be afraid to be bold, bright colors are not just for the summer time. ...
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23 Oct

Product of the Week: Vitamin C Skin Boost

This Vitamin C Skin Boost is E V E R Y T H I N G. If you’re looking for natural glow, this product will give you that and more. This is a refreshing serum that works to not only give you a radiant glow but also to protect your skin against damaging environmental elements. One of best friends told me about this product and she can’t get enough it. It also makes as a great primer to put on before you start your makeup....
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22 Oct

Style Tip: Fall Must Haves

This week style tip is simple to begin to transition your closet because it’s fall kids! I put together a couple of pieces that you have to include in your wardrobe as you transition into the cooler weather. The major key when discussing fall weather is outerwear. 3 pieces you need are a hoodie, a bomber jacket, and a jean jacket. Although I went neutral with the hoodie, I added some color with the red bomber and the jean jacket with the burgundy faux fur around the collar. KIDS do not let the fall steer you away from having fun colors in your wardrobe. Two other important items are a oversized sweater and anything velvet. Oversized sweaters are just...
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