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9 Oct

Lip Butter

If you’re looking for something that will leave your lips, moisturized, shiny and tinted then you’re looking for this lip butter. On casual days where you don’t want to do a full lip but you still want your lips to look popping you want to use this lip butter. The product also comes in different shades so you can switch it up on these folks! This is a perfect product for the fall especially with the weather getting cooler, lips are getting chap. Keep your lips moisturized and cute with this lip butter....
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7 Oct

Style Tip: Flaunt It

We all come in different shapes and sizes and every inch of our bodies are beautiful. Queen Bey is so right when she says if you got it, FLAUNT IT. Whatever it is that you’re working with, work it! Don’t hide your curves, or your shorter legs, your body is beautiful. I love showing a little skin or a lot… because it’s my skin and it’s my choice what all I want to flaunt. Learn how to work your (ass)sets. You need the perfect pair of jeans. Ladies, you need to get your boobs measured and see what your bra size is. Having the perfect bra is such a major key because this can really make your shirt and sweaters...
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30 Sep

Style Tip: Heels

I love wearing my sneakers, you all know I do but there’s nothing like rocking the perfect pair of heels. You don’t have to reserve heels for a special occasion. I’m the type of girl that loves wearing heels casually, with jeans or cargos. I’d also wear heels to casual settings like the lunch or just a day out with the girls. I do like statement heels with fun patterns but it’s also great to have a signature heel that you can wear with a lot of different fits ...
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22 Sep

Style Tip: Go All Out!

To me there’s no such thing as being extra when it comes to fashion. Simplicity can be nice but if you feel like you want to add more to your outfit then go for it. I’m the queen of going the extra mile with my outfits, whether it’s wearing a watch around my ankle or a bracelet in my ponytail or even rocking my grill with a really feminine look- as long as I love it, I’m going to wear. Iris Apfel is right kids, more is more and less is a bore- GO ALL OUT! ...
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16 Sep

Style Tip: Perfume

You may not think of your perfume as a part of your style but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The scent that lingers from your body is a part of impression you make on a person. When I go in for a hug I always take notice to how the person smells. Invest in a signature scent, it becomes a part of your personality. Check out some of my favorite scents below. Invest in a signature scent, maybe a couple and mix them, that's what I do :) ...
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9 Sep

Style Tip: Off Days

I feel so blessed to have the job I have and I love being able to do the work that I do but I also just love being Keke and I love getting to spend time with family and friends and just have fun as well. I love this quote because my off days are really when I believe my style shines through (as you can see in the get the looks section) Remember the glitz and glam is cool but who are you behind it all? So what I'm sayin is, don't do anything! But represent YOU! ...
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2 Sep

Style Tip of the Week: Bags

A great bag is a necessity, not only as a fashion statement but also as essential part of your day to day life for both men and women. The bag you carry can say a lot about your personality! The awry of styles, sizes, and colors give you the opportunity to make a statement with your style. I love a bag that I can actually utilize and put my essentials in. Being millennial on the go I’m sure we can all relate to needing a great bag that we can pack a lot in and still feel stylish and comfortable rocking it. Invest in a bag that you love this season. Bags to Buy ...
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26 Aug

Be Yourself

Since today's my birthday, this week's style tip is dedicated to dressing for your birthday. I really had to think about this because honestly dressing for birthdays gives me anxiety. There's literally so much pressure for you to look a certain way but the gag is you just need to be yourself and be comfortable. You're going to look perfect on your birthday regardless because it's your day!...
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12 Aug

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub

Having the perfect lip is literally an essential part of my look but you can’t just pick out the perfect lipstick or lipgloss, you have to also take care of your lips! This product by Beauty Bakerie helps do just. A sugar scrub is soothing and helps to soften and moisture your lips. To all the kids out there that love a great matte lip, you HAVE to make sure your lips are taken care of underneath, this helps your lips not to look cracked under the lipstick. Click here to check it out....
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12 Aug

Style Tip of the Week: Women In Black

I love this quote because it’s so true! Wearing black doesn’t have to be associated with a dull attire. Honestly black is the perfect canvas to express your style. You have to have a few key black pieces in your wardrobe and from there you add your personality and flare to the outfit. Get creative with your accessories or kill em with the shoe choice! Check out some all black pieces I picked out below that will be perfect for your closet! HALTER NECK JUMPSUIT. LONG ZIPPED JUMPSUIT  ...
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