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21 Mar

Off to Berlin

Today I leave for my 5 month adventure to Berlin to start my new job as a spy on  the TV series Berlin Station. It’s kind of surreal to think that I’m leaving my friends and family for this extended amount of time but it’s the nature of the job. I’ve compared it to being a student who’s about to embark on a study abroad semester. I don’t know what to expect or what will come from my time in Berlin but I do know there’s an importance in being mentally prepared before leaving for a long trip without your family and your best friends. SERIOUSLY, for the kids that have studied abroad, did you have to get mentally prepared for...
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24 Jan

Tranquil Tuesday: Reflecting

The first month of the year is coming to close and now is the perfect time to reflect on the new years resolutions that you set out for yourself. Kids, I understand that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hype of setting these goals and resolutions for a new year that by the time February hits we forget to make a conscious effort in really seeing our goals to fruition. So KIDS I am here to hold you accountable on what you set out to do this year. Check out my pointers for staying on top of your s*** in 2017!

1. Write it out but don’t stop there!

After you write out your goals, do not...
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26 Jun

Waited to Exhale…

These are the words I was afraid to stand behind because I had too much anxiety and could not process my experiences and how they were separate from the spirit of who I was. All of these songs were written and created during True Jackson VP .. I had already had a poor experience with my first record company and then when I started TJVP I embarked on a second album and yet again, I let the labels confusion of me not being able to fit in a box become MY confusion of me. It was almost as if I was "divergent" (which we all are) and I was being ridiculed and not supported because the industry couldn't understand it....
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21 Jun

Ice Age: Collision Course

[eltd_blockquote text="This shoot was so much fun to me because we literally turned a press junket into a photoshoot opportunity. A press junket is where you sit in a room and journalist come in and out interviewing you about the said project. In this case it was for Ice Age and I couldn't let those looks just live in the room haha. I enjoyed teaming up with this stylist Krisana Sotelo in New York and I knew I had to create a moment for the kidssss #asalways. It's always very laxed because I got to be with my best buds that also work beside me in thinking of cool and exciting ways to keep you all apart...
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18 Apr

Acceptance Letter <3

This past week has been truly special! I am really excited as I've just finished the first three chapters of my book. I cannot wait for you all to read it .. It's such an interesting process, book writing. I'm working with someone who has been assisting me with writing this book. She has been truly helpful in teaching me the structure of book writing. I was homeschooled most of my life and I can sometimes be insecure when it comes to structured writing. Ha, I will be honest about that . . but, I have always enjoyed telling stories. I feel as if I'm very familiar with the way that the mind processes things. I think acting helped me...
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5 Apr

Work & Romance

This week has been full of work and romance. -- I caught up with an old friend, I guess you can say we really reconciled. Sometimes you forget what it is to miss people from your life, you forget the chemistry you may have had or the conversation. Of course, sometimes friendships are lost, but sometimes they can change and become clearer. I'm happy to be exercising boundaries in my life that I feel allow me to have healthier relationships with all those around me. It's simple as people respecting your wishes on how you expect them to address you or they don't. When they don't, it's simply up to you to present that boundary line as a reminder of...
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30 Mar

I Don’t Belong To You!

So, today is the day my publishers announced the release of my new book and title (“I Don’t Belong To You“)!! I’m very excited, I have been working on this since Cinderella and I’ve had the idea for even longer. I’m so grateful to be in a place that allows me to share in this way. I am so thankful for those who have supported me, the ones I have and have not met. With all the gratitude in my heart, below is the first ever released excerpt from my book. I hope you all enjoy

When I was younger, I was always so afraid of change and of losing certain aspects or qualities about myself, as if even the smallest change would make ‘ME’ less ‘ME.’ For example, I was really worried that if and when I lost my virginity, I wouldn’t be Keke ‘the good girl’ anymore. Who would I be if I weren’t Keke the good girl or ‘Keke the virgin?’ If that one thing changed about me what would I have left?  (Answer in my head:’ Keke The Freeeeeak’!!)

Kinda crazy right? Let’s say Jennifer with the pretty blond hair cuts her hair or dyes it black– does she cease being Jennifer? Does the slightly chubby girl with the cute face who loses 10 pounds suddenly become a completely different person? The answer is a big NO to both of those questions.

I’m pretty sure you are dealing with your own set of unfairly placed labels—-‘the poor girl,’ ‘the rich girl,’ ‘the mixed kid,’ ‘the jock,’ ‘the trans kid, ’the only black kid’ or any number of other  untrue and hurtful titles that have nothing to do with what’s really going on inside of you.

But here’s the BIG thing I’m learning, —who we are and what we are belongs to us and us alone! What that means in real talk is that we don’t belong to other people and we don’t belong to other people’s expectations of us. Even more real talk–we also don’t belong to our own old ideas of who we thought we should be or what we thought we should do. Bomb! It’s pretty cool knowing I’m not attached to anything that weighs me down as I continue on this journey we call life.  Here’s the other big thing—you aren’t either!

We’re all made up of so many different moving parts on both the inside/ outside– and those parts will often vary moment to moment and day to day. The most fabulous part about that for me is knowing that I have the freedom and the flexibility to find my OWN voice in my own way and on my own time. I have the option to choose what I like about myself, what I don’t and how I handle that. It’s on me and up to me to decide which traits of mine that make me feel good about myself and which ones I need to let go. No one else has a vote!

28 Mar

Getting back to my routine in LA

Getting back to my routine in LA has been nice. I've had to do some rearranging within my team which left me to handle a lot of extra stuff. However, I survived -- when I turned 18, I promised myself I was going to do a lot more things that allowed me to become more self reliant. Now at 22, with most of my immediate family out of town for the holidays, I was really proud at how I didn't choke. Hahaha.. I guess I am just ready for all these things now, all these things I prepared so hard for I am now meeting. All the seeds I planted are now growing and I can only hope and imagine...
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