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24 Jan

Tranquil Tuesday: Reflecting

The first month of the year is coming to close and now is the perfect time to reflect on the new years resolutions that you set out for yourself. Kids, I understand that sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hype of setting these goals and resolutions for a new year that by the time February hits we forget to make a conscious effort in really seeing our goals to fruition. So KIDS I am here to hold you accountable on what you set out to do this year. Check out my pointers for staying on top of your s*** in 2017!

1. Write it out but don’t stop there!

After you write out your goals, do not leave it at that. Continue to add to your goal by incorporating exactly what you need to do to accomplish the specific goals. For example if your goal is to work out more then also add to look into local gyms, research online work out routines etc.

2. Don’t talk about it, BE about it.

Once you know your goal, don’t feel the need to always talk about it and tell everyone about it, just focus on seeing it through. People will know about your goal once it’s accomplished so it’s no need to talk too much about it. Lay low and grind right?

3. Plan.

You know the saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You can’t just make a goal and wait for someone to serve it you on a silver platter, you have to actively plan this shit out! Know exactly what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how you’re going to do it. And while you’re at it, have a Plan B, C, and D.

4. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.

If everything doesn’t happen right away or the way you want it to, do not become discouraged, keep your faith. Don’t let January coming to end be an excuse for you to lose sight on the things that you set out for yourself. You kicked January’s ass so let’s keep it going in February! Auntie Keke has your back! 😀

26 Jun

Waited to Exhale…

These are the words I was afraid to stand behind because I had too much anxiety and could not process my experiences and how they were separate from the spirit of who I was. All of these songs were written and created during True Jackson VP .. I had already had a poor experience with my first record company and then when I started TJVP I embarked on a second album and yet again, I let the labels confusion of me not being able to fit in a box become MY confusion of me. It was almost as if I was “divergent” (which we all are) and I was being ridiculed and not supported because the industry couldn’t understand it. I swallowed my voice for so long and felt that I would not release this music because I was sick of the music business turning its back on me!!

It wasn’t until many years later (now) that I have listened back on these records and realized I have always known the truth of who I was I just allowed others perception of me to become my perception of myself. I did not spread my wings because I was told I couldn’t fly a certain way and I believed it! I stopped trying all together because I allowed people to make me believe that being an artist meant having big budget music videos and big record producers backing you. When in reality, all being an artist means is to be fearless in your creative pursuits. My anxiety, caused by the habit of unconsciously holding my breath, coupled with the stress of my personal life at that time created a lot of hard years of depression for me. However, I am exalted now because God brings it to you when you are ready, not when you think you are. I am now right where I should be and I can see with my heart that I have always known who I am and who I want to be.

Now I release to you the unreleased album I composed when I was sixteen, now titled, “Waited To Exhale” Enjoy, I love you all for your support during those years even though I let so many of you down. It was so hard for me to fight through my anxiety and my depression but God put me through it so I can tell you! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BECAUSE THATS ALL THAT IS STOPPING YOU! You must believe in the dark so when the light comes on everything is seen clearly.